About Us


For us, design is all about giving shape to experiences – elevating them and making them contemporary yet timeless. We believe that spaces need to engage our sensual side, touch our emotions and of course address the need for which they are being created, while simultaneously adding joy to our material and immaterial lives.

I. Architectural Coordination

Shortlist Architectural Team
Provide Aesthetic Direction
Ensure Exterior & Interior Synchronization

II. Interior Architecture

Meet Our Team

Arun is a marketing professional with core expertise in Turnkey Project Management. Arun specializes in planning and executing projects. He carries with him more than 30 years’ of industry experience with an additional exposure to Retail Marketing. Arun has worked with leading international and national brands and corporates advising them on their communication needs and undertaking projects to support their retail and marketing objectives. His strengths lie in understanding structures, designs and time planning. He is the founder of Citiart.

Bharat Varma has a degree in Architecture from (IIT) Roorkee. He is a practicing architect with over 20 years’ of experience in Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management & Valuation. He is also an IT expert with vast experience in Computer Networking and Security systems. Bharat has been a visiting Faculty member at IIT Roorkee, Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Gurgaon and C.R. State College of Engineering, Murthal.

Dr.Kunal Banerji, MCAM (UK) PhD (USA)
25 years Experience in the Marketing & Advertising Industry, Successfully Built Brands, Handled Products Launches & Promotions in India & Abroad